Cristiano Ronaldo wore shin guards that appeared to be Adidas branded during Al-Nassr’s five-goal friendly defeat against Celta Vigo, despite being contracted by Nike

Cristiano Ronaldo captained Al-Nassr against Celta Vigo

Cristiano Ronaldo captained Al-Nassr against Celta Vigo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s pre-season did not get off to the best of starts as Al-Nassr were beaten 5-0 by Celta Vigo on Monday night – and eagle-eyed fans also spotted that he may have ‘breached’ his big-money deal with Nike.

Ronaldo has represented the sportswear giant over two decades and he has played in 70 different pairs of Nike boots. That prompted speculation from fans online that the superstar forward may have been in breach of his manufacturer contract due to the Adidas shin guards he was spotted wearing, which were naturally under his socks but with the iconic Adidas three stripes logo appearing to be visible.

Indeed, the picture has done the rounds on social media and has led to speculation regarding his deal with Nike - and whether he has ‘breached’ his agreement. Having said that, Ronaldo’s commitment to the company cannot be questioned.

Ronaldo has long been tied to the Nike brand having signed a sponsorship deal with the clothing brand in 2003. That was all the way back when the forward first signed for United from Portuguese club Sporting CP.

Since then, the Portuguese star’s brand has skyrocketed along with his personal success on the pitch, making him one of the recognised athletes in the world. The deal is considered a lifetime agreement which has a reported worth of over £780million.

Ronaldo became just the third athlete in the company’s history to be awarded a lifetime contract in 2016 and he has become synonymous with the American manufacturer, appearing in countless adverts as his career has developed.

Lionel Messi, meanwhile, has been tied to Nike’s biggest rival, Adidas, since 2006 and like Ronaldo he penned a lifetime deal with the company in 2017. Nike were said to be delighted to secure Ronaldo’s services even more so than Messi due to the Portuguese having a perceived more notable personality.

The iconic Adidas three stripes logo appear to be visible on Ronaldo's shin pads The iconic Adidas three stripes logo appear to be visible on Ronaldo’s shin pads (


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Ronaldo's team suffered a pre-season defeat Ronaldo’s team suffered a pre-season defeat (


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Ronaldo’s agreement means that the 38-year-old exclusively wears clothes and gear from Nike, which includes football boots, shirts and sweatshirts. However, that has been at odds with the club’s the superstar represented in recent years: Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United all had Adidas, rather than Nike, as their manufacturer.

Last year, Ronaldo moved to defend his eldest son on social media after he was criticised for his choice of clothes. Ronaldo Jr had been targeted by trolls after Maria Dolores, Cristiano’s mother, posted a picture of the two which has received over 110,000 likes.

However, many noticed that the youngster was donning clothes made by both Nike and Adidas. Sporting a Nike hoodie and a pair of Adidas socks, social media users pointed out how the latter was ironic due to his dad’s sponsorship contract.

Ronaldo, then still at Manchester United, left a comment of his own hitting back at the critics, saying: “He wears what he wants. Not what you want.”