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We asked for your views on Saturday’s game between Arsenal and Manchester United.

Here are some of your comments:

Arsenal fans

David: Nervy, nervy, nervy - it was one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters I’ve ever been on as an Arsenal fan. Overall we could have been better in defending and opening spaces, but in the last five minutes we turned on the style and showed our title contentions.

Ahmed: Arteta and the Arsenal players need a rethink. The Premier League this season will be tough and, personally, I don’t like his selection of players. Why not play Trossard? Why keep Havertz for that long? A good decision starting with Gabriel and we really benefited from that.

Graham: Starting the season slowly as the new players fit into the side. All the new players will have a great impact and we will be top three, but Manchester City are still far better than us and the chasing pack.

Eddie: That’s the season-changer. Arsenal just need to apply what they did in added time to the 90 minutes.

Man Utd fans

Paul: I thought United played a lot better than the previous games - and even with the lines of VAR drawn, I still think that’s a good goal. If you are level, it’s onside. Garnacho is level with Gabriel, so definitely a good goal. It changed the game. Injuries keep accumulating and it seems we definitely need a new centre-back.

Adrian: It’s difficult to know what to say after that. There were a few positives but many more negatives. We are definitely poorer than last season at the moment. Only pray that when Rasmus, Amrabat and Mount bed in things may improve. But at the moment it looks like being a very tough season.

Tom: I give Ten Hag to halfway through the season at United. He won’t last longer than that. Bad choice of team to start, not sure what all the tapping it around in defence was about. Antony is poor - no, actually, he is not good enough for the Premier League. Martial poor. Midfield non-existent. I could go on all day.

Terry: United tried a defensive approach and it almost won it for them. Their ageing midfield made up of attack-minded players could not see the game out. They give the ball away too often. Not much change from the Solskjaer years.