Erik ten Hag listed four key decisions he believed the officials got wrong in Manchester United’s 3-1 defeat to Arsenal on Sunday.

I would suggest that Ten Hag should compile his own video of these incidents and request a visit by Howard Webb to discuss them with him at Carrington - an action that I did on many occasions visiting managers across the country in all the divisions.

Here’s a closer look at the Ten Hag’s gripes.

Alejandro Garnacho offside

I was disappointed that the Premier League and the PGMOL did not introduce the semi-automated offside system given that it uses the latest AI technology along with its own bank of cameras.

The Var offside system used in current games relies on broadcast images and camera speeds and a line drawn across the field of play to allow the Var and the assistant Var to make the call.

While the United manager is unhappy and talks about angles where you are looking at the position of the attacker and defender, it is a line drawn at 90 degrees to the touchline along the field of play.

It is only when you are looking at the position of a player in an offside position that is either gaining an advantage or interfering with an opponent that the angles need to be examined by the Var system. The decision involving his team was the position of the attacker at the point of which the ball was played to him, relative to the second rearmost defender.

This is what happens with goal line technology where seven cameras positioned around the goal at various angles and speeds of 500 frames per second feed into a software package that does not involve any match official in the decision making process other than to award a goal.

Hojlund penalty shout

The incident that the United manager refers to is one that could be punished either way, but I can see why Ten Hag would feel this is a penalty.

Grappling in the penalty area has been a problem for referees in the Premier League and we do see both defender and forward wrestling with each other. These actions are often ignored by referees. I believe this is an area that should result in more penalty kicks or free kicks and I have been stating that for a number of years.

In the past we have seen Harry Maguire commit holding offences and they too have gone unpunished, much to my dismay.

Gabriel obstructing Jonny Evans

On the alleged Evans obstruction, I do think these blocking offences are rarely punished and this one I support Taylor for taking no action, allowing Declan Rice’s winner to rightly stand.

Havertz booking for simulation

The penalty was reviewed by Var and then Taylor, who went to the monitor. This was good teamwork to indicate to the ref that he needed to review his penalty decision, which he did and he came to the right decision in the end.

I agree with Ten Hag here - at this point, the player has been judged to have simulated in order to deceive the referee, so he should have received a yellow card.