Christian Eriksen has taken on the tricky challenge of creating his ideal footballer, by using the attributes of his Manchester United team-mates.

The Denmark international is embarking on his second campaign at Old Trafford, and scored his first goal of the season in the win over Nottingham Forest before assisting Marcus Rashford’s strike at Arsenal.

Eriksen enjoyed a fine debut term under Erik ten Hag in 2022/23, playing a key role in United’s third-placed finish in the Premier League.

Find out below who our no.14 selects for eight different categories, including pace and passing…

Right Foot: Bruno Fernandes

“The best right foot, I would say Bruno has the best right foot. I think just his kicking - he has different abilities to do a different kick. A different style of kick, inside foot, outside foot.”

Left Foot: Luke Shaw

“There are not that many left-footed in the team. I would say Luke Shaw - he’s confident on his left foot. He has a very good left foot. It’s also a good weapon, and, like you said, there’s some good crossing.”

Our midfield schemer was asked how he rates his own left foot, and replied: “Good, but I’m not going to pick myself in any of these ones, but also a good left foot, yeah.”

Pace: Marcus Rashford

“There are a few - probably I would say the fastest is still Rashy. I always think, at every club, you have a few players who are very, very fast and some of their abilities. Rashy is one of the guys who is very fast but, at the same time, has unbelievable technique. When he’s on form, he’s very good.

“The attackers are making a lot of runs to help the midfield, and it definitely helps us to distribute the ball in a good way, when they make all the runs.”

Finishing: Marcus Rashford

“I would probably say Rashy as well, he’s a good finisher.”

Christian Eriksen with Marcus Rashford.

Heading: Harry Maguire

“I would probably say Harry Maguire, how he gets up in there and everything.”

Passing: Lisandro Martinez

“I would say a lot of the midfield and centre-backs. I will say Licha or Case [Casemiro], one of those two - I’ll go Licha. It’s how football has evolved, fewer long balls - everyone really wants to build up from the back and try to create something from there. With that, you need good passers, and we definitely have a lot of good passers”

**Tackling: Casemiro **

“Case, he also loves a tackle, and I think sometimes he wants it. I’ll pick him as best tackler. We know on the pitch where he’s going to be, and he reads the game very well, so he knows when to go forward, and when to drop back. And when to go down in a tackle.”

Skills: Jadon Sancho

“There are a few skilful in different ways. I’ll go Sanch - Jadon Sancho is very skilful. A bit of both - his touch, his movement, he’s very quick on the first few metres as well, in and out.There are a few good ones in there, in skills, but I’ll go with Sanch.”