A second woman has come forward to make accusations against the Manchester United player Antony.

Ingrid Lana, a 33-year-old banker, says Antony tried to have sex with her at his house in England in October last year but she resisted, and was pushed against a wall and hit her head.

It comes after Antony, 23, was withdrawn from the Brazil squad this week after he was accused of abusing Gabriela Cavallin, his former girlfriend.

“He tried to have [sexual] relations with me and I didn’t want to,” Lana told the Brazilian network Record TV in a interview to be screened on Sunday. “He pushed me against the wall and I hit my head. My purpose was just business. Arriving there, at his invitation, I realised that he had ulterior motives. I’ve never been anyone’s lover.”

Antony has denied any wrongdoing and his representatives also denied the latest allegations when contacted by the Brazilian news outlet Folha, saying he had been “targeted by unfounded accusations”.

United have declined to comment on the latest allegations but said this week that they are taking the original accusations made by Cavallin “seriously”.

Antony has been accused of headbutting his former girlfriend Cavallin in a Manchester hotel room on January 15, leaving her with a cut to her head that needed treatment from a doctor. She also alleges that she was punched in the chest, causing damage to a silicone breast implant, which required corrective surgery.

Antony was withdrawn from the Brazil squad this week

Antony was withdrawn from the Brazil squad this week


Police in São Paulo and Greater Manchester are investigating the claims, which the player has denied.

United said of the Cavallin claims: “Manchester United acknowledges the allegations made against Antony and notes that the police are conducting enquiries. Pending further information, the club will be making no further comments.

“As a club we are taking this matter seriously, with consideration of the impact of these allegations and subsequent reporting will have on survivors of abuse.”

Antony has said on social media: “I can calmly state that the accusations are false and that the evidence already produced and the other evidence that will be produced demonstrate that I am innocent of the accusations made.”

Antony added in his statement on Monday that his relationship with his former partner was “tumultuous”, but insisted that he had “never committed any physical aggression”.

Greater Manchester Police said that it is “aware of the allegations made and inquiries remain ongoing to establish the circumstances surrounding this report”.