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With Harry Maguire’s future at Manchester United in question, The United Road blog’s Callum Stone feels it is time for the defender to leave.

On the latest episode of BBC Radio Manchester’s The Devils’ Advocate podcast, he said:** I’d argue [Harry Maguire] is potentially even fifth choice at this moment in time [in central defence]. You saw last season when he probably was available Luke Shaw went in most of the time, even with [Victor] Lindelof and they did a very good job.

“The right thing that should happen really is Maguire should probably leave, just for his own sake and his England career really. He took a lot of abuse from a lot of the quarters of the fan base and it’s unfortunate, but it’s just a sign of the times really of what’s happened.

“His £80m price tag was never his real value and he’s constantly being judged against that, which is no fault of his own.

“He is a very good Premier League defender. I think the occasion has just got to him, but if he was to stay at United this season I don’t think he would get a lot of games.

“I do feel for the guy, but it is time to move on unfortunately.”

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