Premier League players and managers will have to deal with a series of clampdowns in the 2023-24 season which could affect the likes of Mikel Arteta and Jurgen Klopp

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Premier League talking points ahead of new season

Managers and players berating officials, time wasting, benches piling onto the pitch in protest - it’s all commonplace in the frenzied world of Premier League football.

But not for much longer. After the trials and tribulations of VAR these past four seasons, a new set of stringent regulations will come into force next season. And in the early weeks of the 2023/24 season, fans can brace themselves for yellow and red cards aplenty unless teams play ball from the very first whistle.

Mirror Football brings you the lowdown on the six major changes that officials will be expected to adhere to…

Timekeeping and more ball in play

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar spectacularly banished the notion that football was about 90 minutes of blood and guts. Any fans wanting to watch group games from start to finish, were better served setting two hours aside.

The Premier League will now follow suit. There will no longer be the mandatory 30-second stoppage for goal celebrations and substitutions - and injury delays won’t get a token add-on either.

From when play is stopped - to when play restarts - the watch will be stopped. By these rules, there would still have been 10 minutes left when Sergio Aguero struck….

Time wasting and clampdown on dithering keepers

Keepers being booked in the dying seconds as they deliberately dither over a goal kick is hardly a groundbreaking sight.

From next week onwards however, you can expect that scenario in the first few minutes - not just the latter ones. Referees have been ordered to issue an early warning if they sense that tactic being deployed, and then not hesitate to show yellow if they’re ignored.

Emiliano Martinez could have quite the disciplinary record come next May.

Mikel Arteta and Jurgen Klopp clash on the touchline Mikel Arteta and Klopp clash on the touchline

Manager behaviour and bigger punishments for bosses

Jurgen Klopp screaming in the face of the fourth official, Mikel Arteta waving arms, and Guardiola’s theatrics.

All could soon be a thing in the past. Or alternatively, all could lead to a swift banishment to the stands. Refs now have the power to respond to such folly by taking strong action - or in simpler terms - issuing yellows and reds.

Had this one been in place in years gone by, Neil Warnock would have been better served buying a season ticket and watching his side from higher up.

Crowding a referee could cost teams dear next season Crowding a referee could cost teams dear next season (


Gareth Copley)

Player behaviour and cards for crowding referee

Don’t surround the referee, make VAR signs, complain on mass - all directives that have barely been worth the paper they’ve been written on since the inaugural 1992/93 Premier League season.

Until now. Referees can dish cards out like Christmas if crowded by irate players unhappy over a call - whether it be from the whistle or VAR. Dermot Gallagher has said he believes the regulation will lead to a spate of cards initially - but will mean “short term pain for long term gain.”

Jason Tindall and Eddie Howe Jason Tindall and Eddie Howe

Technical area antics

One imposing figure standing at the front of the technical order influencing officials is bad enough - let alone a double act.

As of this season though, only one figure can put his best foot forward. The second in command must stay back near the dugout, and any brief consultation must see the forward figure turn and go back - not vice versa.

It spells disaster for the likes of Newcastle assistant manager Jason Tindall, not shy to portray himself as the front of house. Luckily for Tindall though, the cameras will still operate as normal.

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Denying a scoring opportunity

Player goes through, player gets fouled, player who makes the foul sent off for denying a goalscoring opportunity. Simple.

Not so much now. In 2023/24 only fouls that are deemed intentional will be worthy of an automatic red card. Infringements made when a genuine attempt is being made to play the ball - such as the challenge that saw Cancelo dismissed against Fulham last season - will result in a yellow.

Fierce debate as to whether a scoring chance has been denied, will soon to fierce debate as to whether a scoring chance was deliberately denied.