Lina Hurtig of Sweden celebrates with team-mates after scoring her sides winning penalty

Lina Hurtig, centre, was eventually able to celebrate after Var ruled that her penalty had crossed the goal-line Credit: Getty Images/Robert Cianflone

Sweden 0 United States 0; Sweden win 5-4 on pens

The USA have made their earliest ever exit from the Women’s World Cup, losing to Sweden on penalties by the finest of margins.

In shoot-out that followed a 0-0 draw, the final spot-kick was saved by US goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher and then batted away, but a Var review showed the ball had crossed the line by millimetres.

Naeher looked furious and continued to protest to the match officials, but the Swedish players did not hang around to hear her complaints as they piled on top of each other in jubilation.

Alyssa Naeher

Naeher protests… Credit: Getty Images/Robin Alam


…while the Swedish celebrate Credit: EPA/Joel Carrett

Question marks will hang over US coach Vlatko Andonovski’s decision to bring on double World Cup-winners Megan Rapinoe, Kristie Mewis and Kelley O’Hara during extra time, with the latter two barely getting a chance to touch the ball. Although Mewis calmed her nerves to fire home in the shoot out, Rapinoe’s effort flew high and wide while O’Hara missed her side’s final penalty, giving Sweden the opportunity to go on and win it.

Rapinoe looked dejected after the final whistle, following what may well be her final performance for the USA at a major tournament.

Megan Rapinoe (right)

Megan Rapinoe (right) and Kelley O’Hara console one another Credit: Getty Images/Alex Grimm

Regardless of how it was decided, the USA will be kicking themselves for not capitalising on earlier opportunities.

The former champions dominated possession during a cagey first half, with their best chance coming from a Lindsey Horan header that thundered off the bar.

With Sweden sitting deep in defence, Andi Sullivan was able to find pockets of space in the midfield and spread the ball wide to wingers Sophia Smith and Trinity Rodman, who both looked lively throughout.

The US continued to assert control over the game throughout the second half – indeed it took until the 85th minute for Sweden to produce their first shot on target – but they were not clinical enough with their finishing.

That said, credit must go to Swedish keeper Zecira Musovic who produced a number of spectacular saves to keep out another Horan effort – this time a volley fired towards the right hand corner – and a header from Alex Morgan in the dying minutes of normal time.

As extra time wore on, the addition of Rapinoe opened up greater passing options for the US while Smith continued to find space, but it was the failure of the reigning World Cup champions to produce any clear-cut goal-scoring opportunities that ultimately led to their undoing.

Despite a performance that lacked the spark one might expect from a team of their calibre, Sweden can be proud of their efforts to subdue the US and will face Japan in the quarter-final on Friday 11 August.

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Swedish jubilation is met with US tears

Sweden win

Sweden win Credit: EPA/James Ross

Sweden win

Sweden win Credit: EPA/James Ross

Megan Rapinoe tears

Megan Rapinoe tears Credit: Getty Images/Alex Grimm

Alex Morgan tears

Alex Morgan tears Credit: Getty Images/Alex Pantling


Lindsey Horan reaction: ‘I think we played beautiful football’

Speaking after the game, US captain Linsey Horan spoke frankly, saying that losing “sucks” but that she is “proud” of her team.

“First and foremost I’m so proud of the team,” she said. “A lot went into this performance and it was kind of changing gears and playing like us and playing our style.

“I think we played beautiful football today, and we entertained and we created chances and we didn’t score.”

Despite question marks over some of the missed penalties, particular that of two-time World Cup-winner Megan Megan Rapinoe, Horan praised her team-mates for their courage.

“I’m proud of every player who stepped up to take a penalty today. Score or miss, it’s courageous,” she said. “Being able to come out of the group stage where we didn’t perform our best and changing it to this kind of performance. So many young players are coming through and absolutely killing it.”


Lina Hurtig steps up to win - it’s up to Var!

A double save from Alyssa Naeher but the ball is judged to have gone over the line, and Sweden win 5-4!

The replays show theire’s only a hair’s breadth in it, but the ball has clearly crosses the plane of the line.

A spot kick shootout decided by Var - we’ve never seen anything like it.

Sweden will progress to the Quarter Finals; the USA are out of the World Cup.


Kelley O’Hara misses!

Having just come on, the two-time World Cup-winner sends the keeper the wrong way but hits the right-hand post. 4-4 USA


Magdalena Eriksson scores!

The Swedish veteran smashes it into the top right corner. 4-4 USA


Alyssa Naeher steps up

The US goalkeeper slots her penalty. She has been brilliant this game. 4-3 USA.


Hanna Bennison scores!

The Swedish youngster says enough of this and blasts straight down the middle to take it to sudden death. 3-3 USA.


Sophia Smith misses!

The youngster has the chance to put her side through to the quarter finals, but she crumbles under the pressure and puts it wide of the right post. A poor penalty, and she will be bitterly disappointed. 3-2 USA.

Sophia Smith misses

Sophia Smith misses Credit: Getty Images /Brad Smith


Rebecka Blomqvist is saved!

Alyssa Naeher dives the right way, low into the bottom right corner. 3-2 USA.


Megan Rapinoe misses!

If anyone can handle the pressure it’s Megan Rapinoe, but the veteran hits high and wide. 3-2 USA.

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe misses her penalty Credit: Getty Images/Robert Cianflone

Megan Rapinoe misses her penalty

Megan Rapinoe misses her penalty Credit: Getty Images/Alex Grimm


Nathalie Bjorn misses!

The Everton defender didn’t look comfortable stepping up, and she hits over. 3-2 USA.


Kristie Mewis steps up

She has just come on, but calms her nerves and fires an excellent penalty into the top left corner. 3-2 USA.


Elin Rubensson scores for Sweden!

Another good penalty, she hits it high to the right! 2-2 USA.


Lindsey Horan steps up

Again Musovic dives the right way, but it’s a brilliant powerful penalty from Horan in the left-hand bottom corner. 2-1 USA.


Fridolina Rolfo finds the corner!

The Swedish attacker shoots low to the right corner and slots home. 1-1 USA.


Andi Sullivan steps up to take first penalty for the US

She slots it away in the bottom left corner. Musovic dived the right way but it had too much pace. 1-0 USA.


Pre-penalties analysis

The US have been all over Sweden, who really haven’t produced much in this game.

Vlatko Andonovski’s side will be disappointed they haven’t been able to capitalise on their opportunities, and they now have the task of trying to beat Zecira Musovic, who ahs been a rock in goal for Sweden all game.

More concerning is the US decision to make late changes, with players who have barely touched the ball potentially taking a spot-kick.

English viewers will recall how this tactic played out for Marcus Rashford and Jayden Sancho at the Euros - will the gamble pay off?

The game goes to penalties

The game goes to penalties Credit: Getty Images/Brad Smith


120 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The US make late substitutions with Sonnett and Fox going off for double Wourld Cup-winners Mewis and O’Hara.

There is one minute of additional time which is now over. We will go to penalties!


118 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Yellow card for Julie Ertz who checks Rebecka Blomqvis as she tries to get on the end of a through ball.

The US clear the free-kick away, and Sophia Smith works hard to win a throw-on for her team.


118 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Rapinoe’s free-kick is not a good one, and the ball is hooked away by Sweden.


116 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Chants of “USA” echo around the crowd as US fans spur their team on to seize victory in these final moments.

They have a free kick which they can cross into the middle. Could this be a late opportunity?


114 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The US have dominated the chances in this game, producing 21 efforts on goal and 11 on target.


112 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The US have all the possession, but some tired passes are creeping in.

They have an opportunity here through Horan though as she holds the ball on the right flank.

Fox crosses one in but the ball is headed away.

You can see the fatigue on the players’ faces here. Jonna Andersson has pulled up with cramp for Sweden but she seems to have shaken it off.


110 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Another opportunity for the US - a dud shot from Smith’s deflects to Williams, but her snap-shot dribbles straight to Musovic.

The US are clearly in control here, but they need a clean strike if they are to beat this Swedish keeper.


107 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Brilliant effort from Smith!

A great first touch in the box gives her an opportunity and she fires at the near right-hand post.

Again, Musovic is wise to it and puts the ball behind for a corner.

Could a moment of inspiration from Smith be the difference in this final 15 minutes?


105 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The US kick off this second half with just 15 minutes to seize the advantage before it goes to penalties.

Sweden will have to find something here beyond hoisting the ball into the box, while the US will have to be a little bit cleverer in the final third if they are to execute one of their opportunities.


105 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The game is still goalless at half-time in extra time. Both teams will now have a team talk on the pitch before the second half gets underway.


103 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Sweden free-kick, and Naeher charges out. It looked as if it might be too far this time, but the imperious US goalkeeper reaches through the melee to punch clear again.

The standout players for both teams have surely been their goalkeepers so far.


101 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

A fantastic opportunity goes begging for the USA!

Sweden are dispossessed at half way, and the US play through to Lynn Williams who attacks from outside the right post and shoots across goal.

The Swedish keeper parries, and the ball spills just behind Rapinoe who was chasing in for the rebound.

The US take a corner but it is cleared and goes for a Sweden goal kick.


100 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The ball is crossed to Rapinoe on the left side of the six yard box but the experienced attacker can’t get it under control. Goal kick Sweden.


98 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

US substitution: Veteran forward Megan Rapinoe comes on for Alex Morgan.


97 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Sullivan curls the corner in to the near post but the ball is cleared by Sweden.

The US win a throw-in and the ball comes back to Sullivan who goes for glory with a long-range volley. The ball flies high over the bar.


96 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Great effort Alex Morgan!

The American forward chases a slightly wayward through-ball to get ahead of her defender on the left-side of the six yard box before squeezing a shot in at the near post and winning her side a corner.


94 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The US have got off to a slow start in this first period of extra time and will be looking to raise the tempo.


93 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Sweden find themselves in a good position inside the US half.

The ball is teed-up nicely, but the two oncoming Swedish attackers get in each others’ way.

Sweden hoist the ball in again, but Naeher comes off her line to punch away. She is taken out in the process and wins a free- kick.


91 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The first period of extra time is underway.


90 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The game will go to extra time with the scores drawn 0-0 at the end of 90 minutes.

The US have created the best of the chances throughout the game, but Sweden know that one golden opportunity is all it takes to put them through to a World Cup quarter-final.

With both sides starting to tire, it’s anyone’s guess who will take the upper-hand in this, the first extra-time period of the World Cup.


88 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

What a save Musovic!

Finally a good quality cross from the US to Morgan who headers powerfully towards the left corner.

But again, the Swedish keeper saves her team, diving low to push the ball away.


88 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Sweden have a corner, and this could be a golden late opportunity for the Blue and Yellows.

The in-swinger is headed away by Alex Morgan at the front post. Two more volleyed efforts come in from Swden but the first is cleared and the second is wide.

The USA clear their lines.


85 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Great strike from Sofia Jakobsson!

The Swedish substitute fires from near the edge of the box, but it’s straight at Alyssa Naeher who aprries away.

That marks Sweden’s first shot on target of the game so far, and it could have sealed victory at this late stage.


83 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Alex Morgan has a golden opportunity after a great through ball by Ertz.

She pushes wide-right of the six yard box but fires wide. The US attacker was off-side, so the ball is called back.


82 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Sweden changes: Kosovare Asllani comes off so the captain’s arm-band is passed to Magdalena Eriksson.


80 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Good inter-play by the US here as they hold onto possession in the opposition half.

Naomi Girma curls a neat ball in to Sophia Smith on the left hand side of the box, but Smith miscues the cross and the ball goes for a goal kick.

The US have 10 minutes left of normal time to capitalise on their dominance. They will need to improve their decision-making in the final third if they are to do so.


78 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Sweden are still looking for a spark in the final third.

They have looked to exploit the US left flank, but so far they have been thwarted by good defending from Crystal Dunn.


74 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

There’s a frantic feeling to the tempo of the game at the moment.

After spells of US pressure, Sweden are looking dangerous on the counter-attack. This time Johanna Rytting Kaneryd drives to the by-line before cutting back smartly.

But a free kick is called for the US, giving them the chance to clear.


72 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Dangerous cross from Smith.

she tears to the by-line just on the corner of the six-yard box and squares the ball to a good area.

Nobody is there to get the end of it though, and the ball is cleared by Sweden.


72 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Another set piece for Sweden - again they loop it into the box, hoping the ball will fall for one of their attackers.

The ball is cleared but Sweden have it close to the edge of the box. Great defending by Crystal Dunn who picks the attacker’s pocket then has the wherewithal to hold onto possession and wait for support.

The US have the ball on the edge of the Swedish box again.


68 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

A nasty collision here between the Swedish defender and Horan which has left the American down on the floor.

She takes a moment to catch her breath but looks like she’ll be okay to carry on.


68 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

A great take by Alyssa Naeher.

Sweden haven’t offered much in this game so far, but off a good set piece, the US goal keeper leaps above her challengers to claim the ball.


66 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Sweden have a free kick in a dangerous area to the right after a silly challenge by the US.


66 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Substitution USA: Trinity Rodmand comes off for the more experienced Lynn Williams.

Rodman has looked dangerous so far, and the US will be hoping Williams can add to the pressure they are applying.


62 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

A golden opportunity goes begging for Sophia Smith!

Finding herself completely free at the back right post, the ball is floated in from the left, but her first touch is far too heavy.

She lunges to hold onto possession, but the Swedish keeper is wise to it and gathers the ball.

Smith has shown real promise throughout this World Cup, but the US can’t afford to miss opportunities like that.


58 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The US have started this half dangerously, spending the last five minutes camped on the edge of the Sweden box. They are showing better movement to to break down the defence on the edge of the area than they did in the first half.

This time it’s Rodman who beats a defender before making a break. Again the ball goes wide, but these are testing times for Sweden.


56 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The ball sits up for Horan on the right corner of the box and she looks to volley first time.

The US attacker fluffs her lines and the ball goes wide, but her influence in this game is growing.


54 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Great save by Sweden’s goalkeeper!

The ball is squared low to the penalty spot and Lindsey Horan attacks it. She strikes the ball cleanly across goal to the right corner, but a diving Zecira Musovic reaches to bat it behind before accepting the adulation of her team mates.

That save her just kept her team in the tie.


52 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The US have come into this second period still dominant in posession. They push the ball wide to Rodman who looks caught in two minds, but the challenge from Sweden gives the US a corner.


48 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Assllani is booked for a late challenge on Julie Ertz. Asllani protests that it wasn’t a foul, but Ertz appears to mouth that she did catch her a little late. Both players exchange a wry smile.


45 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The second half is underway, and both sides are yet to make any changes.


Half-time analysis

At the half-way point, the scores remain even at 0-0, but the USA will be happy with how they have approached this first 45 minutes.

It may not have been the all-guns-blazing turn-around they were looking for, but they have had the majority of the possession and have put pressure on Sweden through their wingers Smith and Rodman, creating a few golden opportunities.

The best chance of the game so far came from joint leading World Cup goal-scorer for the US Lindsey Horan, whose header rebounded off the bar.

Vlatko Andonovski will look for his side to be more clinical in this second half.

Sweden, meanwhile, have absorbed pressure well. Bar a couple of momentarily lapses, most notably where Rodman has found space on the right flank, they have looked relatively comfortable in defence, and have looked good going forwards.

Clearly the Blue and Yellows have come into this game looking to catch the US on the counter-attack. But if they can hold possession in the US half and float the ball into the box, as they did in the early encounters, there may be opportunities to break down this US defence.


41 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The US go short off the corner, but after a quick exchange of passes they work the ball to the back post.

Sweden scramble and manage to effect a block, but the the USA will feel they could have done more with the opportunity.


41 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The USA have grown into this game and are holding possession in the opposition half more and more.

Will they be able to capitalise before the half-time whistle? They have another corner to make an opening.


39 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Almost an own goal!

Rodman finds space on the right hand corner of the box and the ball is played through to her.

She plays first time into a bunch of back-pedaling players, and it’s turned behind by the Swedish defender, angling dangerously close to the far post.

Another good opportunity for the US.


37 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

It’s been a good period of possession for the US, and they will hope to capitalise.

They move the ball fluidly around the edge of the Sweden box, just looking for an opening.

Sullivan has been pulling the strings from the middle, always finding space to give herself time on the ball before spraying it out wide.


34 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Great effort by Lindsey Horan!

The ball is whipped in from the corner and the US no.10 leaps high to head goalward, but the ball bounces off the top of the bar.

A huge opportunity for the USA, and the chances are adding up here.

Lindsey Horan's effort rebounds off the bar

Lindsey Horan’s effort rebounds off the bar Credit: Getty Images/Robert Cianflone


34 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The US look to be finding a bit of joy when they come through the centre with both Rodman and Smith coming in off their wings.

This time, Rodman drives towards the right-hand byline and puts a cross in which is blocked. USA corner.


29 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Dancing feet from Sophia Smith!

The lightning left winger takes on the Sweden defence inside the box, beating her defender before making the cross.

The Swedish defender sticks out a leg to block the ball, but these are good attacking signs for the US.

Right after, Sweden have the ball on the counter-attack and home in on the US box, but the ball is cut out and cleared.

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan has her effort cleared Credit: Getty Images/Alex Pantling


28 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Great effort from Rodman!

The tricky US attacker approaches the box from the right corner, taking on the Sweden full back and stealing half a yard.

She fires back across goal, but the shot is not well-angled enough to beat the Sweden keeper, and she palms the ball away.

Moments later, Rodman plays a neat one-two before letting fly, but this time the ball sails over the bar.,

She has definitely looked like the USA’s most dangerous player so far.

 Trinity Rodman

Trinity Rodman strikes Credit: Getty Images/Robin Alam


24 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Sweden are looking to make use of their height advantage, hanging another ball - this time a free kick - into the US box.

This time it falls too short and is headed away.

A heavy challenge on Trinity Rodman leaves the American attacker on the floor and shaking out her wrist. She looks comfortable enough to play on though, and the US take the free-kick.

Trinity Rodman

Trinity Rodman Credit: Getty Images/Brad Smith


22 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

An in-swinging keeper bends towards Alyssa Naeher’s crossbar. With huge pressure on the US keeper, she leaps high to bat the ball away.

The referee blows up for a free-kick to the USA for an infringement in the box.

Alyssa Naeher

Alyssa Naeher of USA makes a save Credit: Getty Images/Mackenzie Sweetnam


19 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

A glimmer of an opportunity on the break for Sweden as they dribble into the box and look to shoot.

In the end, the ball is cleared away by the US.

But sustained pressure gives Sweden their second corner, this one from the left-hand side.


18 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Both Sweden and the USA have made fairly cagey starts, with both sides seemingly wary of bombing forward for fear of being caught on the counter-attack.

The Stars and Stripes are steadily playing themselves into the match and are retaining possession well.

Rodman gives the US their first opportunity on target from outside the box. She runs cross field to the right, beating one player before firing towards the middle of the goal. The ball is easily punched away by Sweden keeper Zecira Musovic.


10 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

The first corner goes to Sweden who float one towards the back post, but the ball is punched clear by US keeper Alyssa Naeher.


7 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

Sweden have had the best of the possession in these early stages.

They have passed the ball confidently and used their overlapping fullbacks well to get the ball wide and across into the box.

The US meanwhile will be looking to unlock Sweden’s defence by getting the ball to their dangerous attacking players in Alex Morgan and the exciting talent that is Sophia Smith.


0 min: Sweden 0 USA 0

And we’re off!

There has been much talk about the US looking for a re-set in this game, so these early exchanges could provide an indication of a change of momentum for the Stars and Stripes.


US players refuse to sing National Anthem

The United States women’s team have continued their ‘silent’ protest of the national anthem ahead of their Women’s World Cup last-16 match against Sweden it appeared that six players refused to sing.

It marks the fourth match in succession where some players had elected against singing the Star-Spangled Banner, though it remains unclear why a significant proportion of them are choosing to remain silent.

Several players did not sing before the games against Vietnam and Netherlands and Portugal, which has become one of the biggest talking points at this year’s World Cup, and it drew harsh criticism from US commentators who labelled it “embarrassing” and “disrespectful”.

Despite the protest, seven of the players had their hands on their hearts.


US squad rotation

US coach Vlatko Andonovski has made two changes from the team that scraped a 0-0 draw with Portugal.

Emily Sonnett and Trinity Rodman come in, replacing Rose Lavelle and Lynn Williams.

Lavelle is suspended for this one after picking up a yellow card in the last group game.


The teams

Sweden: 1-Zecira Musovic, 14-Nathalie Bjorn, 13-Amanda Ilestedt, 6-Magdalena Eriksson, 2-Jonna Andersson, 16-Filippa Angeldahl, 9-Kosovare Asllani (Capt.), 23-Elin Rubensson, 19-Johanna Rytting Kaneryd, 11-Stina Blackstenius, 18-Fridolina Rolfo
Substitutes: 12-Jennifer Falk, 21-Tove Enblom, 3-Linda Sembrant, 4-Stina Lennartsson, 5-Anna Sandberg, 7-Madelen Janogy, 8-Lina Hurtig, 10-Sofia Jakobsson, 15-Rebecka Blomqvist, 17-Caroline Seger, 20-Hanna Bennison, 22-Olivia Schough

USA: 1-Alyssa Naeher, 4-Naomi Girma, 8-Julie Ertz, 10-Lindsey Horan (Capt.), 11-Sophia Smith, 13-Alex Morgan, 14-Emily Sonnett, 17-Andi Sullivan, 19-Crystal Dunn, 20-Trinity Rodman, 23-Emily Fox
Substitutes: 2-Ashley Sanchez, 3-Sofia Huerta, 5-Kelley O’Hara, 6-Lynn Williams, 7-Alyssa Thompson, 9-Savannah DeMelo, 12-Alana Cook, 15-Megan Rapinoe, 18-Casey Murphy, 21-Aubrey Kingsbury, 22-Kristie Mewis


When is kick off?

The game is due to get underway at 10am (BST).


US Women’s World Cup hopes on the line

Hello and welcome to Telegraph Sport’s coverage of today’s showdown between Sweden and the USA in the Women’s World Cup.

The US team’s World Cup hopes are on the line as the defending champions face a strong Sweden side in the last-16 in Melbourne.

Having topped their group at the last two World Cups, the Stars and Stripes find themselves in unfamiliar territory only scraping through Group E as runners-up.

The four-time champions avoided an early exit by the finest of margins when Portugal hit the post in stoppage time in their final group game, which ended a 0-0 draw.

Vlatko Andonovski’s side are under pressure after failing to win two World Cup group stage matches for the first time in their history, and face a Sweden side who eased into the last-16 with three wins out of three.

It has seemed at times that more attention has been paid to the US side’s political stance throughout the tournament, with many players refusing to sing the National Anthem, than has been paid to their football.

Despite the US’s lack-lustre performances, Andonovski said the criticism of the team was harsh, adding that the women’s soccer landscape has changed in recent years with teams closing the gap to the top.

“We want to (win) everything by five goals. Who doesn’t want to do that, right? But those results are gone,” he said.

For Sweden, the Americans are familiar foes but this marks the first time the two heavyweight sides, ranked number one and three in the world, face each other in the knockouts.

Last time these two sides met at a major tournament was in the Tokyo Olympics two years ago when Sweden defeated the USA 3-0 on their way to winning a silver medal.

However, coach Peter Gerhardsson said history would have no say on Sunday.

“You can talk about revenge or underdog mentality. For me, that’s not going to make the difference tomorrow. It’s the players who play,” Gerhardsson said.