Harry Maguire Image source, Getty Images

Simon Stone, BBC Sport

Never say never is an often repeated statement in football and it would be wise to bear this in mind around Harry Maguire.

Turning down West Ham, the club with the second biggest stadium in the Premier League and preparing for a third successive European campaign, would on the face of it not seem to make much sense.

However, for Maguire right now, it is easy to see why a move away from Manchester United doesn’t appeal.

First, it is clearly a step down. Aged 30, Maguire might feel he is not ready to abandon the concept of playing for United - or, more importantly, a Champions League club.

A lot has been made of Maguire potentially being Erik ten Hag’s fifth choice central defender, but we don’t know if that is correct. If Raphael Varane, United’s right-sided central defender, was missing, whether Maguire was introduced would tell us a lot about his status at Old Trafford.

Secondly - and let’s be honest because finances on this scale cannot be ignored - West Ham simply do not pay their players as much as United do theirs. If the gap to Maguire’s currently salary cannot be bridged, then what is the incentive to leave?

With all of that taken into account, Maguire has decided to stay where he is. There are still more than two weeks before the transfer window closes. There are more matches to be played, more team selections to be made and more injuries to occur.

Reflections on Maguire’s decision and the impact on his career are probably best delayed until 2 September.