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We asked for your thoughts on how important it was for Manchester City to extend Bernardo Silva’s contract and how good the Portugal international has been under Pep Guardiola.

Here is a flavour of your responses:

Steve: A very professional attitude, great skill, tremendous energy, work rate and versatile too. Even one of his playing colleagues recently stated that it’s almost impossible to get the ball off him in training. What more could you want from a player?

Cal: Best signing of the summer is Bernardo extending his contract. Myself and most Blues I think were resigned to losing him this summer so for him to commit his future and extend his contract is a real coup for us.

Luca: He’s so good, the Messi of Manchester. He can dribble with such ease and balance. I think City would lose a lot if they had sold him.

Smithy: Silva is one of the most underrated players in the world. He was absolutely world class in all games against Bayern and Madrid in last year’s Champions League. Works tirelessly, the ball is glued to his foot, there’s no team in the world he wouldn’t get in. So glad he’s staying.

Rob: Signing of the summer for us. He’s massively underrated but he doesn’t stop running for 90 minutes and scores crucial goals at crucial times. To have lost him along with Gundogan and Mahrez - our chances this season would have been severely hampered.

Fraser: Watching Silva completely out-press, out-play, out-pass, and ultimately out-think Alphonso Davies in last season’s Champions League quarter-finals was such an elegant reminder that technical players still have a place in the modern pace-based game.